Established in Paris in April 2013, BEAUBIEN is a new men's select store. Behind the foundation of BEAUBIEN, there is a long-time passion for great products, and the idea of supporting and introducing fresh brands to Paris. The initial purpose was to sell products you can't find anywhere. Products are sourced internationally (US, Japan, Europe) with a focus on quality, creativity and exclusivity. Strong identity, independence and the ability to design great casual clothing and nice accessories with subtle details are the most important things when selecting brands.

Being a welcoming one-stop shop with a well curated selection of inspiring goods and cool brands is definitely BEAUBIEN ultimate purpose.
Call it simplicity or minimalism, but "keep it simple" and "focus on the products" are definitely what define a relatively small place, dedicated only to what it is made for: raw wooden floor, white walls, copper racks, Stockman busts and vintage Scandinavian furniture.

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