BAIT United States

BAIT is a premium brick and click concept retailer in footwear, apparel, and high end collectibles with chapter stores in all major cities on the West Coast with expansion plans to the Midwest.

BAIT is a multi-cultural and multi-category retailer that carries pinnacle and highest tiered products from the best footwear, apparel, and high end toys/collectible brands. BAIT aims to get away from traditional single category specialty retail model by curating multi category assortments that are unexpected to bring the surprise back to brick and mortar shopping.

BAIT was founded on 2011/11/11 with a simple goal to create a premium retail + activation friendly environment for the elite consumers from different product categories and bring them under one roof and cross sell the limited edition products from footwear / sneakers, apparel brands, and collectibles. BAIT has evolved quickly from a retailer to partnering with the best brands in the industry to work on countless collaborations and exclusive special makeups for its consumers. BAIT is also the USA halo activation and licensing partners for global giants such as Microsoft, Sony, Universal Pictures and Dreamworks.

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