Les Chats Perchés

Luc Anger and Julie Auxoux met at Esmod Fashion School in 2005. They both achieved the highest class average in 2009, in Menswear and Womenswear. During their time at Esmod, they discovered that they had not only similar tastes but most importantly they shared a desire to be involved in and build something different.

This has now been realised with the creation of the brand Les Chats Perchés in 2010, with its strong and captivating identity. After successful internships at Chanel in Paris for Julie and Gareth Pugh in London for Luc, they have now been propelled into the Fashion world. Building on their success, they won a prize at the prestigious Festival of Dinard in 2011, wich in turn has opened the doors to the greatest exhibitions and Fashion Weeks, in Paris and in London.

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