Harrington's origins date back to the 1960's american television series "Peyton Place". Ryan O'Neal, in his role as Harrington, was known for always wearing a short jacket with a plain lining. This characteristic touch was a sensation amongst the youth culture of the time being equally adored by the counter culture and the mainstream alike. Elvis Presley and the Clash both wore the jacket on stage and more recently Liam Gallagher and Frantz Ferdinand on their tours. And just as Steven McQueen in his prime, Daniel Craig can be seen today wearing his "off-duty."

Unmistakable from the start due to its inconic plaid lining it is easy to understand why this jacket became a must-have. This is what drew a young frenchman in 1985 to bring back this London classic and design a entire line of clothing in the same spirit-- utterly English but completely re-imagined.

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