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In 1932, Max Gitman left New York and opened the Ashland Shirt & Pajama Company in the coal mining town of Ashland, Pennsylvania. With his two sons, Alfred & Sheldon, he ran the factory as a contract shop up until 1978 when the Gitman Bros. brand was born.

Today, Gitman Bros. is one of the last remaining American shirt makers with all manufacturing still based in the USA. While our methods have evolved with the times, the trademark aspects of our production remain. Our shirts are made by workers who have been sewing clothing for generations and bring all their history and skill to each individual garment they make.

Each of our shirts is made with the utmost attention to detail using time-tested methods of construction and finishing. More than 80 minutes and 50 steps go into the creation of a shirt, which is made from 25 separate pieces.

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Gitman Vintage
Men's Button Down Oxford Shirt Blue
Gitman Vintage
Men's Button Down Archive Poplin Check Shirt Blackwatch
Gitman Vintage
Men's Button Down Tweed Check Shirt Green
Gitman Vintage
Men's Button Down Jumbo Corduroy Shirt Rain

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