Situated in the heart of Notting Hill, Couverture and the Garbstore was launched in 2008 by designers Emily Dyson and Ian Paley. Housed in an exquisitely re-configured period townhouse close to the famed Portobello Market, the concept store presents over three floors.
Deliberately eschewing big name brands in favour of something more intuitive and authentic, the destination store focuses on niche independent labels, exclusive collaborations and championing emerging talent.

The lower ground floor sees Ian Paley's menswear brand Garbstore come to life with a collection of garments and accessories that reference clothing produced after the Second World War or '˜unfamiliar vintage'™, with each piece re-imagined and made '˜historically new'™. The floor also plays host to a selection of cult International brands, rare books and collectable ephemera, many of which are exclusive to the UK.

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Men's Life Cap Ecru
Men's Parents T-Shirt White
Men's Staple Pants Cactus
Men's Overnik Jacket Midnight

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