Fracap was born in 1848 by the 2 brothers Alfredo and Giovanni Cappello who followed the father’s job of shoes maker since 1908.

The company started his story in the city of Monteroni that is very famous for shoes makers since the beginning of 19th century. Today the factory is still there.

In the beginning Alfredo and Giovanni produced strong and quality shoes for agriculture but in 1987 Alfredo’s sons, Antonio and Michele, started a new era for Fracap.

Antonio and Michele started a military collection for Italian Army and Airforce introducing new models that became famous soon. They started to produce shoes for Carabinieri and Naval Army too.

Fracap shoes were known for the absolute quality of materials and production. Every boots and shoes were created using two of the most difficult and important technique in the shoes word: Goodyear and Ideal.

In 2002 Antonio and Michele decided to innovate again their work. So they introduced a new model of boots, the M120, in the casual and street fashion world.

It was an amazing success. Today the M120 is one of the most iconic boots in fashion and is known almost all over the world.

Today Fracap is a well known brand in Europe, Japan, Australia, Russia and USA, but it is still based in Monteroni, like more thatn 100 years ago, and Michele and Antonio are still the guys that make every single pair of Fracap shoes.

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Men's M120 Ripple Sole Scarponcino Boot Arabian
Men's M120 Ripple Sole Scarponcino Boot Dark Smoke

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