Beams Plus

Our goal is to become a culture shop that creates culture through the products it sells. We provide value that transcends material satisfaction by sharing the context behind a product, such as details on the time and background of its origin.

BEAMS consists of numerous sections representing various styles, and it is this width and depth that makes BEAMS unique. Over the years, BEAMS has eagerly expanded its business to realms other than fashion - cafes, sundries,interior goods, music, and art, to name a few. We edit our array of contents to cater to the current time and location of every shop. In a time of increasingly diverse values, our sharp sense for time and our flexibility to react enables us to prepare for coming demands by transcending borders to build a truly open business style.

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Beams Plus
Men's Nylon Mountain Parka Mustard
Beams Plus
Men's Zip Sweat Bomber Jacket Grey
Beams Plus
Men's MIL Type N-3B Down Jacket Navy
Beams Plus
Men's 3 Button COOLMAX® Seersucker Blazer Blue Stripe

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