At the time, it was the best viewpoint of the city for whalers and was also used on days of bad weather as a lookout in order to alert boats of the right time to head back to harbour.

Some say that everything starts with but a dream. One might even say that without dreams, the human mind would simply wither up and die. So it’s no surprise that the project Atalaye – Bain de Biarritz saw the day late one night in 2014 , behind closed eyes.

The French brand is forever inspired by Biarritz-la-Belle. Biarritz, Queen of the Beaches. A charismatic Biarritz that has never ceased to inspire poet’s souls and which appears somewhat as a refuge for the elegance of Mankind. Like it’s muse, the brand is well-refined. Swimming and bathing are it’s favorite pastime. Exemplary, an irreplaceable icon, faithful to the likes of Coco Chanel, forever cool and classy underneath her hat, or to an enamoured Pablo Picasso. As demanding as a love story, it is a pure perfectionist, as meticulous as a tightrope walker,with an obsession for details like any true art lover.

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