Anchor & Crew

ANCHOR & CREW is a British silver, leather and rope bracelet brand that combines Great British naval heritage with a modern style and new vision. Designed and handmade in Great Britain, ANCHOR & CREW takes inspiration from anchors, mechanical and nautical objects, and recreates innovative industrial designs of the past into modern day jewellery. ANCHOR & CREW specialises in stylish rope bracelets, fashionable anchor bracelets and nautical silver jewellery, redefining a vintage style, all of which is totally unisex!

The name ANCHOR & CREW relates to the famous icon of naval history – the anchor – and pays respect to the individuals that organised and manned each ship, boat or yacht. The brand’s symbol represents all the various industries across the world, from which the reliability and continual usage of the rope is universally recognised. ANCHOR & CREW delivers innovative designs, manufactured using only well-sourced precious metals, British Navy GB-Marine certified rope and natural leather, with an overall combined feel of casual luxury. All ANCHOR & CREW products are handmade by celebrated craftsmen that ensure our high standards of quality. Enjoy your new accessory.

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