ADPT. is a contemporary fashion brand established in 2014 in Denmark. With a constant strive to design in the moment and for the moment, ADPT. aims to make clean, minimalistic fashion apparel with a distinct signature and DNA.

At ADPT. we mix high fashion and casual streetwear inspired and fascinated by the youth culture across the world. With an unpretentious style and attitude, our dedicated goal is to make our customer proud and unique.

We design with great attention to detail and with an emphasis on new fittings and an extensive use of new materials and custom developed fabrics. The collections includes men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and denim.

Based on a strong and vast experience in the fashion industry the team behind ADPT. seeks to stay ahead of the fashion industry and be able to deliver the latest trends – in season.

We hope to inspire and keep you updated!

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