1st PAT-RN

The 1ST PAT-RN project (from: First Pattern, term of military provenience which identifies the real first prototype of a garment) begins its story in 2011: the basic idea is to revive, through the use of knitted fabrics and simple “fundamental” items, the tangible quality and the specific style which were integral part of sartorial designed garments, by producing a small but very targeted collection, inspired by civil, military and utility patterns.

1ST PAT-RN does not follow themes or trends: just brings forth his philosophy and his conception of the product, aiming mainly to its unique fit and quality, produced exclusively in Italy, from the yarn to final finishing and is aimed at a today who want to combine the tradition of simple garments, with the luxury of the product of the authentic Italian Manufacturing.

Based on the concept of “family company”, and on an extremely limited and carefully made production, 1ST PAT-RN is distributed only through a very selected range of International shops.

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