Richmond Classics

April 1st 1988 saw the arrival of Richmond Classics in Bournemouth, a small store, 1500 square foot in a secondary position off Bournemouth Square at 9 Richmond Hill, where the Richmond Classics name came from! Richmond Classics has been selling designer clothes to the fashion conscious customers of the south of England for over 27 years, and has built up a reputation that is second to none when it comes to offering the latest in designer brands!

Richmond Classics has been featured in FHM Magazine, Loaded, Arena and the Sunday Mirror likened the Richmond Classics store to a capsule Harvey Nicholls or Selfridges, which is a great compliment as both these stores are known worldwide for their diversity and fashion savvy! When you visit the store you will notice that it is divided into individual fashion areas, each one catering for that particular fashionista/tribe.

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