William Fox & Sons

Sporting & Tailoring tradition have operated mutually throughout the ages. All over the world, the British Isles signify a time-honored industry in men’s tailoring, knitting & manufacturing. Equal to this reputation for superb attire, the individuals of these isles have crafted sporting excellence & prowess that is unsurpassed around the globe. William Fox & Sons embrace these two traditions in an admired association of timeless British Gentleman's Sporting Goods.

Since 1913, William Fox & Sons have been an institution in this field of practice. They have been noted as specialists in a variety of sporting traditions including rugby, track & field and as diverse as mountain hiking & ocean going yachting. The spirit of adventure that is built-into these practices & the feel of the rugged landscapes is reflected in the clothing of this illustrious society. This attitude toward clothing is what defines the heritage of the company.

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