Uniforms for the Dedicated

As UFTD once started and evolved over time, the snowboard community and the creative collective who turned into the clothing label, the excitement that comes from any great challenge remains our main motivating factor. Born in close relation to the outdoors and the lifestyles it has to offer, the past has taken us on the mission to create a menswear line that relates to the environment and nature’s scarce resources.

By combining timeless designs with innovative fabric structures, and increasingly so, based on environment friendly fibers, we aim to develop modern classics made to sustain over time. We play around concepts and detailing, but do not look to overstate, nor waive for what we believe makes a great UFTD garment to the very core.

Today the label is based in Stockholm Sweden and aspires to design and produce a clothing line of highest quality for the conscious modern man. By 2018 UFTD intends to use fabrics solely based on recycled or organic fibers and latest sustainable innovations available to the market.

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