The history of the Stemar brand dates back to 1969 when our first men's luxury shoe collection was introduced to the world. The collection represents the vision and creativity of the Moreschi family, and a rich tradition of footwear design. The shoes are produced at our state of the art manufacturing facility in Vigevano, Italy, where old style shoemaking traditions and expertise are married to modern technology and machinery. Since it's introduction, Stemar has exemplified traits that the most discerning men look for in the finest footwear : quality, style, comfort, and timelessness. The collections all showcase these indispensable elements which are a result of a painstaking production process. In 1990 Stemar introduced a range of accessories which includes belts, bags, wallets, and apparel. We take pride in the fact that when you wear a Stemar product, you will know you are wearing the finest Italy has to offer.

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