Oliver Sweeney

Someone once said to me, "Tim, when you grow up, try and do something you love".
I’m not sure I’ve ever really grown up, but everyday I’m lucky enough to be doing something I love. Shoemaking.

To be fair, shoemaking is well and truly in my blood; both my Father and Grandfather were shoemakers and I’ve now been in the business for 30 years. From the age of 11 I would watch my Grandfather finishing the shoes in the factory in Leicestershire, and I’ve gradually broadened my knowledge of the industry (there’s always something new to learn, whatever trade you do).

I started my working shoe career in 1982 in a French shoe factory in Alsace and have worked in a variety of footwear industry roles since. Today as Cobbler-in-Chief at Oliver Sweeney, I’m involved in every part of the shoemaking process, from choosing the finest materials to working with the Italian family run factory in the Marche region.I’m determined to cherish and evolve the brand’s successful heritage with every shoe I put into production, but want to ensure a unique and original British twist each time too. I like to bend the rules a little; it means there’s always an element of surprise and I fully intend to carry on like that... until I’m a grown up at least.

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