N.D.C. Made By Hand

n.d.c. made by hand was created in 2001 by two friends passionate about shoes.

They wanted to create their own story, making the kind of shoes, they wanted to wear.

The brand name n.d.c. nom de code / code name – reflects their philosophy that the strength of the brand is the product itself.

The key factors in every collection are:

constructional know-how

n.d.c. started off an adventure with just enough money to exhibit in the first tradeshow.

But when a Japanese buyer ordered a thousand pairs of brogues, beaten up, previously washed in home washing machine to take off its perfect look, they knew that they were onto something special.

The result was like nothing that had been seen on the market before.

Artisans in family ateliers craft n.d.c. shoes with leathers selected from the finest tanneries in Tuscany, England & America.

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