The early decades often mean significant breaks : 1961, 1973, 1981 or 2001 ... in 2011, Jagvi was born in France when we decided to break with our actual lives, one of us with his manager life, the other with her industrial design life . But with a common passion, photography, an essential testimony through our travels.

Therefore, we wanted to share our heritage across our menswear collections Jagvi, contemporary style, minimalist and urban. With our partners around the world, our European manufacturers, but with our French and international customers too.

Everyday we shape the Jagvi image, our fabrics and our fits in order to create products with a high emotional content. And we share it with you through our original creations.

Jagvi means "me and we" in Swedish since the day our philosophy of life took shape in our collections: the "me" means our uncompromisingly personal creations of clothing, the "we", it is you who have one or some Jagvi pieces in your home dressing room.

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