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The history of Fratelli Rossetti, brand founded in 1953, is not just the history of a company, but of a family in its own right.
Following the end of the war, Renzo Rossetti embarked on an adventure, almost by chance, which would end up becoming a worldwide brand and a symbol of Italian-made quality. Without any certainties, working day and night in a tiny workshop, Renzo possessed the recklessness of those who want to do things on a big scale without looking too far into the future.
Little by little the family grew to encompass all the skilled craftsmen and co-workers whose skills and talent helped make the company great. Renzo’s children would chase one another up and down the warehouse corridors; right from a very early age, those large rooms and workshops were like a second home to them.
In the Eighties, Vignelli created the “Fratelli Rossetti” logo. It heralded a strong family identity that had come about almost unintentionally. A family identity that would take shape further still when Renzo handed control of the company over to his sons Diego, Dario and Luca.
In 1978 Diego joined the Fratelli Rossetti team full time. He was to prove a valuable asset to a company that was proving to be increasingly demanding. His first professional experiences date back to the days of high school when, each summer, he worked in the factory with the other employees. Today he is at the commercial heart of the company; whenever he can, he dedicates time to the Circolo del Gelso project, a farmhouse in which he spends time with his friends and enjoys the leisurely pace of nature.
In 1981 Dario began to work in the style department, a natural result of his artistic education, after having attended the shoe-making school. One of his first teachers was Alfio, the company’s long-standing model maker who for seventy years has been part of the extended family of staff members and craftsmen. At the head of the Style Office, Dario defines himself a would-be professional tennis player and a vintage car enthusiast.

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